Angela Tsai
Founder of Grow Your Brand With Impact


Angela Tsai is the Founder of Grow Your Brand With Impact, which was launched in 2019 to help Female Entrepreneurs fast-track their online brand authority and business growth.
 Angela’s interest in empowering women first sparked several years ago during a diversity event, debating at a table about mandating women leadership numbers. 
  She realized that working in a competitive and heavily male-dominated corporate environment - men would more naturally boost each other up the career ladder, while women often undersold themselves and were also more critical of themselves and others. 
  With the firm belief that anyone can achieve whatever they desire if they have the right opportunity, the right guidance and encouragement – she left her corporate career behind, invested her savings and started Grow Your Brand WithImpact. 
  Through her bespoke consultancy and training programs, she helps her clients find their voice to effectively communicate their authority, brand value and proposition to the marketplace – helping them achieve their personal and business impact, whilst realizing their passions. 

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