Cristina Moise
Founder of Refresh Your Mind Consulting


Cristina Moise is passionate about supporting people in transforming their lives and empowering them to become the best version of themselves.
She has more than 20 years of experience in performing business consulting for global clients, designing large transformation programs while delivering +$1M in business impact. She has the ability to envision and tailor the best solution for the client’s context and goals and takes a pragmatic approach to deliver results.
She is the founder of Refresh Your Mind Consulting and has always considered that at the core of every transformation program in any company are the people. Therefore she is marrying process and technology transformation with some of the latest innovative tools in people transformation such as Neuro Linguistics Programming, Hypnosis and Coaching.
She has a curious mind, constantly learning and growing through the work she is doing at speaking and training events as well as through her learning path she took from EMBA and various Leadership development programs to becoming a certified NLP Trainer and Coach.
She is inspiring people and especially women to believe in themselves and to transform their lives by constantly refreshing the way they think, to re-define their values and re-create a life of their own choice.
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