DR. Laura Götz
Founder of This is Your Potential


Laura Götz is a German doctor and the founder of This is your potential, a transformational coaching platform for women. From early on, she knew that her purpose in life was helping women stay happy and healthy, that is why she chose to work in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. In order to ensure a holistic therapy for her patients, Dr. Götz deepened her studies in psychosomatic medicine and personal development, which led her to create Femindipity, a groundbreaking healing technique for women of all ages dealing with psychosomatic pain, anxiety or life crisis.
Wanting to give back to her birth-country of Romania, she initiated a charitable online movement called Women from A to Z where she educates women on health through social media platforms and works on improving the general doctor-patient relationship. Her message has reached hundreds of thousands and her ultimate goal is to make a permanent mark on the Romanian medical system.
Being an experienced fiction author, Dr. Götz has a number of medical titles planned for 2020 and the most anticipated one is her self-help book called Connect with your feminine body in which she details her personal healing technique.
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