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28th - 29th March 2020

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"Global Woman Tech Forum will be featuring high-energy keynote speakers, inclusive panel discussions, and breakout sessions with leaders at the forefront of the technology and business sectors. The Forum offers delegates the opportunity to acquire tactical skills, gain the know-how to navigate career twists and turns, and to join a community of role models, mentors and new friends."

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About The Global Woman Club Community
"I remember when a friend of mine told me about the Global Woman Club. I met him at another big networking event, it was also a breakfast meeting, and I was feeling bored. I told my friend, I am going to give up to these events, they don’t offer what I need and expect. He said, “Wait, don’t give up yet, I know an amazing community that all women love. I am not a woman, but I have many friends that joined Global Woman Club and they got crazy about it, you may love it”. He was absolutely right, since I discovered Global Woman I stopped going anywhere else, I found everything there. Thank to this international platform I have expanded my business in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels and now I can’t wait for Dubai and many more countries. It is incredible. Thank you Global Woman and Mirela Sula for this global vision to connect women globally. So much needed and worth."
Katarina Hanssens Carlsson
Business Consultant, Stockholm.
"When I discovered Global Woman I felt I discovered a new world full of opportunities. Since then I don’t stop talking about it. I wish more women know about this real authentic amazing community with genuine support for each other which helps our business massively. I especially love the MasterMind Classes that Mirela Sula organises, big big value with great content and energy. I have attended meetings in many clubs and the energy is always the same, positive and motivational. I would definitely recommend"
Magdalena Petkova
Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, London
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