Josephine Muttiallu
CEO and Founder of Upgrade Destiny


Josephine Muttiallu was born in the UK, to parents from the Fiji Islands. Her mum was entrepreneurial and her dad worked for Air India. Due to her father working for an airline, she travelled the world. As Josephine was travelling from a very early age, she spent her summer holidays in the Fiji Islands and grew a flair for loving all cultures. She also gained a wide knowledge of people from all walks of life, and became an excellent communicator. Josephine is a natural people person and can talk to anyone with genuine interest.
 Her travel background in her career, working for some of the best in the industry, has allowed her to travel extensively and she lived in Australia for six months - and loved every minute of it. Her passion is travelling and the travel industry. Josephine is the Founder of Upgrade Destiny, a business travel company that manage her customers’ business travel. She works passionately with both independent and corporate companies, and continues to make the world of travel her every day life.
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