Lara Sabater
Founder of Lara Balance


Lara Sabater is a Certified Dietitian & Nutritionist and the Founder of Lara Balance, specialized in Gut Health and Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Vegan and Sports Nutrition.
She has provided nutrition coaching  in a huge range of disciplines including sports teams, corporate clients, clients with gut issues and everyone in between. She is also certified in Low FODMAP diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, by Monash University in Australia. 
Passionate about how our gut cause incredible effects in our health, she has investigated and created a unique program: The Gut Balance Program.
With the program she wants to share all about this mysterious and still quite unknown organ, and how it can help to get rid of the most common symptoms that an unbalanced microbiome cause to us like bloating, altered bowel habits, stress, anxiety, weight problems, skin conditions, immune deficiency etc.
Her mission is to guide people to discover a peaceful balance in life and a joyful love of food while improving their overall wellbeing
She will share the Impact of our Diet and modern Lifestyle on our Gut Microbiota and Health, and as a result in our productivity.
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