Michelle Wyngaard
Innovative Visionary Smile Transformation Dentist


Michelle Wyngaard is the principal dentist and proprietor of Dynamic Dental Studio, now in its 10th year of business. In her 23 years of experience as a general dentist, she developed a particular interest in smile makeovers. Michelle became increasingly aware of learning from her patients how stress has a direct impact on oral health.
Studies show that stress is a link to underlying mental health which is becoming increasingly prevalent in all societies and as a dentist, she is privileged to examine for early signs of stress diagnosis in the mouth. Michelle is currently embarking on becoming a certified coach to help more patient’s transformation in self-confidence and self-worth. She educates her patients about being proactive in oral health care and smile psychology on your health benefits.
Michelle’s philosophy is that she believes that creating a healthy and beautiful smile can be life-changing for her patients. Michelle says, "Your smile is the first and last thing people remember you by; it is your most valuable but underutilised asset at your disposal".
Therefore, invest wisely in the POWER of your smile to enjoy the opportunities it brings in life.
Michelle also developed an interest in further transformation of her patients’ lives through mind-set therapy to help them become the best version of themselves so that they can live a life of FULFILMENT with HAPPINESS from the inside out. She soon realised that the external smile-makeover did not always make her patient completely happy.
As we are at the cusp of digital dentistry, Michelle embraces technology to mobilise her dental care and education to an accessible platform she is developing for the future for busy lives. She has completed and continues to do extensive postgraduate courses both abroad and online in her field and attends numerous conferences across the globe.
Michelle continues to be an advocate for transformational dentistry, and how it can boost your self-confidence together with mind-set therapy. She calls herself a go-to smile dentist and Michelle’s purpose and vision is to transform a million smiles in her lifetime.

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