Sandra Lopez
Founder of Sandra Lopez Coaching Ltd


Sandra Lopez is the founder of Sandra Lopez Coaching Ltd, which was launched in 2019 to help women awaken their power & potential to create the health, body and wealth they desire.

Sandra Lopez's interest in helping women with health issues started 20 years ago, when she had a breaking point in her health and suffered depression, anxiety and extreme fatigue resulting from the trauma she suffered when her father died. Then she started the journey to try to find happiness but she was searching in the wrong areas and as a result she felt lost and stuck and with more severe health issues finishing in hospital with pneumonia, her hospital stay was a wake up call and she realized something needs to change.

She started researching, reading almost all the books about nutrition, studying Psychology and going to every single seminar about health and healing. She went to yoga retreats and took her 10 years to climb out of the negative spiral she was in and create the vital life she wanted, restoring her body and mind to peak health.
Since then she has been committed to helping women to restore their health and create the body, health and wealth they deserve.

With her firm belief everybody has the inner power and potential and everybody can have the health and wealth they desire Sandra Lopez is being helping hundreds of women over 10 years to become the best version of themselves manifesting the health, wealth and vital life over this years.

Through her Coaching one to one online , group coaching, workshops and motivational speaking in different events she helps woman to awaken their power and potential, believing in themselves again, boost their confidence to succeed and helping them connecting with their inner power, she using her experience in health and life coaching, nutrition, psychology, NLP and mental health to help woman to create the transformation they need and get the results they want.

Her events are highly entertaining, empowering, and engaging, inspiring the audience to take action to turn their health, wealth or love goals into reality.
Some Sandra favourite topics to speak about are attracting abundance ,following your intuition, finding your passion, kicking ass at business and life, living on purpose, mastering your health and wealth and manifesting the life of your dreams.
Sandra's vision for the future inspires people around the world to take responsibility for their own well-being and create a revolution in the health industry where people around the world have the power and knowledge of taking care about their bodies and mind to the next level. Her purpose is to create a legacy empire, launching her second business empowering women globally, running events internationally, retreats and expanding her business Globally.

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