Tina Caplan Wells
Mindful Movement Practitioner, Meditator and Biologist 


Tina Caplan Wells is not only a Mindful Movement Practitioner, Meditator and Biologist but also an Information Scientist and Educator.
Through her personal practice in meditation and yoga since 1982 and T’ai Chi over the past 10 years, Tina helps people of all ages develop self-help skills to build resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression in their daily lives. Her own lived experience of post-natal depression and qualification as a Tai Chi Chih teacher enabled her to develop ‘Mindful Moving Meditations’ and apply this novel approach to the Mental Health field in the UK. The life skills are easy to learn and apply ‘on the move’, so you quickly experience the benefits of calming your mind/emotions, energising the body and connecting to inner peace. She shares this practice in the health, education and business sectors. In the workplace, the skills offer ways to optimise the clarity of thought, decision-making, and creativity.
Training as an Ecologist and later as Information Scientist, gave Tina an insight into the value of connecting in the Virtual and fast-paced Modern World but balancing that with time spent at a gentler pace in the Natural World. The children are our future, so creating a program for educators to pass on the Mindful Movement and Nature Awareness skills in Early Years is a clear mission of Tina’s to ensure healthy young minds and bodies. She would love to find AI experts who could develop educational virtual reality products to stream these skills into the classroom
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